Anupama written update 07 Nov: Anupama will step back, Guru Maa will make a place in Anuj’s heart, will throw a trump card

Anupama 07 November Written Update

Guru Maa will throw her trump card to make her place in Anuj's heart. Anupama will not be able to do anything. Before his eyes, Anuj will send younger Anu to Guru Maa.

Guru Maa will face direct competition from Anupama. She will try to be better than Anupama in front of Anuj. First, she will play a game of words with Anupama and then she will take the help of Dimpy to make a place in Anuj’s heart. She will gradually try to make every relationship with Anupama her own. Whereas Anupama will not be able to do anything. Read the written update of the episode to be telecast today.

Guru Maa will perform a drama in front of Anuj

Anupama will thank Kanha ji. Then Guru Maa will bring another plate for puja. Anupama will be shocked. She will try to convince Guru Maa. But, Anupama will back down when Guru Maa tries to play a game of words with her. After this, she will try to keep little Anu away from Guru Maa. She will talk about dropping younger Anu at school while going to the office. But here Guru Maa will also win. She will say in front of Anuj, ‘Anupama, please let me do something. If you keep doing all the work alone, you will fall ill.

Malti Devi will apologize to Dimpy

The news of Anupama falling ill will hit home in Anuj’s mind. He will explain to Anupama and send younger Anu to Guru Maa. When Guru Maa is about to leave for school with younger Anu, Dimpy will arrive. Guru Maa will stop Dimpy and give the key to Anupama Dance Academy in front of Anuj. She will say, ‘This dance academy was closed because of me. Therefore, it was my duty to open the doors of this dance academy. Guru Maa will not only give the keys; she will also apologize to Anupama and Dimpy.

Anupama will be emotional

Anuj will be happy. Whereas Dimpy will give the keys of Anupama Dance Academy to Anupama in front of Guru Maa. She’ll say, ‘It was Summer’s biggest dream to give you back your dance academy.’ Dimpy will apologize to Anupama. Anupama will get emotional. Anuj will be happy seeing Anupama happy. The respect for Guru Maa will increase in his heart.

Baa will plead in front of Kinjal

Here Anupama will be worried because of Guru Maa. On the other hand, Ba will remain in tension due to household expenses. Ba and Bapuji will sit to settle accounts. Just then Kinjal will bring tea. Baa will get irritated. Baa will start taunting Kinjal. In such a situation, Kinjal will try to handle Baa. Baa will get emotional and will talk to Kinjal about not going abroad. But, Kinjal will not agree. She will say, ‘We have to fly ba’.

Precap: Anupama tells Tapish that Dimpy is pregnant and they have to do her extra care. Later Malti Devi informs Anupama that choti went to her friend’s house. Anupama asks her to take their permission before sending her anywhere. Malti Devi says she doesn’t need their permission.

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