Anupama written update 28 Oct: Anupama will apologize to her husband, remember Anuj’s pain after everything is fine

Anupama Today Episode Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, you will see many new equations being created and destroyed. Samar’s murderer has gone to jail, but everything is still not well in the house.

Anupama 28 October 2023 Full Episode

In Saturday’s episode of ‘Anupama’, you will see that there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the Shah family. Everyone will be happy that finally Samar’s murderer has been jailed and now that the accused himself has confessed to the crime, no one can save him. Everywhere from newspapers to TV and social media, Anupama would be praised for how a mother brought her son’s murderer behind bars. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in Shah Niwas also.

Vanraj is not able to get out of depression

Neighbors will come and congratulate Leela and Bapuji at Shah Niwas. However, Vanraj Shah still has not come out of depression. He is happy that Samar’s murderer is being punished, but he is also saddened by the fact that his son will never return. On the other hand, Anupama is sleeping peacefully in Kapadia Mansion after a long time. Anupama and Anuj will be shown romancing in the show and Malti Devi will be seen getting frustrated that her son only thinks about Anupama.

Guru Maa will try to convince her son

If Malti Devi sees Anuj cooking in the kitchen, she will get more irritated. He will feel that Maharani ji (Anupama) is sleeping peacefully and Anuj is cooking. Whereas Anuj might be doing this of his own free will to surprise his wife. Everyone will gather in the living room and Anuj Kapadia will feed everyone the food prepared by him. When she gets a chance, Barkha will once again try to inflame the fire of hatred in the mind of Guru Maa Malti Devi by talking about how Anuj’s entire property belongs to Anupama.

Anupama will apologize to Anuj Kapadia

Malti Devi will also try to impress upon Anuj that Anuj only thinks about the Shah family. Anupama promised her daughter Chhoti that in the meantime she could not give her time but now she will take complete care of her. Anupama will also apologize to her husband Anuj Kapadia that she was so immersed in her grief that she could not see Anuj’s pain. He left Anju alone. Anupama will be happy with everyone when Bapuji’s message comes from Shah Niwas asking her to reach there. Anupama will refuse. She will say that she will come later.

Precap: Malti Devi says he is not my son, but just Anupama’s husband. Anupama asks Dimpy to live life to the fullest. Pakhi tells Adhik that nobody cares for her, just cares for Dimpy, and cries. Malti Devi comes to her.

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