Anupama written update 26 Oct: Anupama’s problems are increasing at home, argument with Pakhi

Anupama Serial written Update 26 October

Today in the show it will be seen that Dimpy has come to Kapadia Mansion with Anuj-Anu. What will happen in today's episode of Anupama.

Anupama written Update 26 October full episode

Today’s episode will start and it will be seen that Anupama will talk to Toshu and Kinjal. Anupama will not tell Toshu-Kinjal wrong at any cost but will also say that the family needs you at this time. Anupama will only explain but will not scold. After this, it will be seen that Baa and Anupama will talk in the kitchen. During this, Anupama will say that she has remained numb. On the disintegration of the family, Anupama will say – ‘The string of every relationship has two ends, one we hold and the other in the hands of the children. Whether he catches them as per his wish or not. Know what else will happen in the show…

Dimpy will live in Kapadia Mansion

On the other hand, in Kapadia Mansion, it will be seen that Barkha’s words will be revolving in Malti Devi’s mind. Only then Anupama-Anuj will come there with Dimpy. Dimpy will have her trolley, which means she has come there to stay. Then Anuj will say – ‘We will not talk about the case, we have lost the case, but will give up the effort.’ During this, Malti Devi will say to Dimpy – It is good that you have started a dance academy. One should never give up art, even if one has to give up anything for the sake of art.’ Hearing this, Anuj’s wound will heal. At the same time, Dimpy will also remember Malti Devi’s old tricks. Pakhi will also immediately taunt Dimpy.

Pakhi and Anupama argue

After this Anupama will explain to Pakhi that there is no need to taunt Dimpy. Anupama will say – ‘Take care, she is becoming a mother.’ On this Pakhi will say – ‘So what should I say, she is becoming a mother so I should perform the aarti. If I can’t be a mother then I am useless. In such a situation, an argument will be seen between Pakhi and Anupama. After Anupama’s departure, Pakhi will say – ‘If Dimpy had shown attitude, I would not have left her.’ Anupama will tell the same thing to Anuj and will be seen in trouble.

Anuj-Devika and Anupama’s master plan

Then Malti Devi will come to Anupama and say – ‘Both of you are looking very worried. Don’t worry, I will take care of everything, the house, and the family. I have also seen Romil. On this Anupama will say- ‘You just look after the younger one, I will look after everything else.’ Then Barkha will once again taunt Malti Devi. After some time, a message will come from Baa, in which she will say that your stubbornness is ruining everything. After this, Anupama will tell Anuj – ‘Sonu Rathore and Suresh Rathore will also end on this Dussehra.’ It will be seen further in the show that Anupama-Devika and Anuj are making some plans, about which no one knows anything. Regarding this, everyone from the Shah family to Barkha and Malti Devi seems worried as to what is the plan.

Precap: Anupama makes Sonu confess that he has killed Samar with the same weapon, which he is holding in his hand while aiming at her. She says she will get him punished on Dussehra day.

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