Anupama written update 27 Oct: Malti Devi played a trick, Sonu pointed the gun at Anuj-Anupama, fired a bullet, and…

Anupama Today full episode: Samar has got justice today in the serial Anupama. However, Sonu has opened fire on Anuj-Anupama. Whereas Malti Devi has started playing tricks and hatching a conspiracy.

Anupama will start today with Pakhi and Dimpy’s argument. Dimpy will express concern over Pakhi not becoming a mother and will ask to have faith in medical science. But Pakhi will tell him not to taunt him and will make him listen. After this Pakhi taunted Dimpy many times and she started crying. Seeing this, Pakhi will come to Dimpy and will talk to her about aborting the child. When Dimpy asks again, Pakhi changes the topic and says that as a single mother, you will have to think about what to do. Know what will happen next in the show…

Malti Devi played a trick

Further in the show, it will be seen that Malti Devi has played a trick. Anupama will tell Devika that Anuj has gone, while Anuj will be told that Anupama and Devika are still in the upstairs room. It will be seen further in the episode that Anupama has reached the place where Sonu is celebrating with his friends. Romil will tell Anuj that Anupama-Devika has gone and he will come to know that Malti Devi has deliberately told a lie. Devika, on the other hand, will be seen waiting for Anuj.

Anupama provoked Sonu

Anupama will scare Sonu a little and then say let’s play Truth and Dare. Anupama will say- ‘Dare means something which requires courage and courage to do.’ Anupama will provoke Sonu and ask him to tell the truth. Will you be able to speak? Anupama will say to Sonu- If you have courage then tell me that you murdered my Samar? Anuj has not been able to reach there yet. Anupama will provoke Sonu and also ask about the gun, then Sonu will point the gun at Anupama and say – ‘I will also send you to your son. This is the same gun with which you killed your son. Mother and son will die with the same pistol. You see.’

Samar got justice

Anupama will make Sonu tell the truth in a matter of words. Just then Anuj will come there and seeing him, Sonu will say – ‘Is this a family disease of yours? The day was killing you, so his son came in between. Today I am killing him, so you have come in between.’ Sonu points the gun towards both Anupama and Anuj and then fires Holi towards Anuj. Just then the police come there and arrest Sonu. The cameras installed in the café record everything.

Precap: Malti Devi says he is not my son, but Anupama’s husband. Anupama asks Dimpy to live her life and hugs her. Pakhi gets sad and upset and vents out her anger on Adhik. Malti devi comes there.

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