Anupama written update 25 Oct: Barkha will poison Guru Maa’s mind, Sonu’s father will reach Shah Niwas.

Anupama 25 October 2023 Full Episode Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, you will see that Barkha will try to provoke Malti Devi. Here Romil will also talk to Pakhi-Adhik.

Anupamaa 25 October 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Anupamaa’s problems are increasing instead of decreasing. On one hand, the court has not given its verdict in her favor, on the other hand, new difficulties are being faced by Barkha. In Wednesday’s episode of the show, you will see that Anuj and Ankush will come out of the court with sad faces. Anuj Kapadia will tell his wife that due to a lack of witnesses and evidence, the court has honorably acquitted Sonu. When Vanraj comes to know about this in Shah Niwas, his temper will rise.

Sonu’s father will reach Shah Niwas

When the family members are trying to give courage to each other, Sonu’s politician father will reach there and offer him sweets. Sonu’s father will make fun of every member of the house and say that his son has been released, hence he has brought sugar-free sweets made from desi ghee. His drama will continue for some time and then Vanraj Shah will move ahead and take the sweets. He will warn her that this sweet is an advance sweet of her upcoming victory. Everyone in the house will be happy and Sonu and his father will be scared.

Romil will reach to confront Adhik-Pakhi

On one hand, Sonu’s father will call his son true and Anupama’s family a liar in front of the media, while on the other hand, a different drama will be going on in Kapadia Mansion. Romil will go and try to explain to Pakhi and Adhik how Anupama has lost the case because of not supporting them. But neither Adhik nor Pakhi will try to understand this. On the other hand, Barkha will also come and support Adhik-Pakhi because she was already not in support of this case.

Barkha will poison Malti Devi’s mind

When Guru Maa Malti Devi is teaching dance to the children in Kapadia Mansion, Barkha will come and start quarreling with her. She will ask Guru Maa whose permission she took before inviting the children to her house and teaching them dance. When Malti Devi says that this house belongs to her son, then provoking Guru Maa, Barkha will say that this house and everything in it is in the name of Anupama, and after Anupama, it will be in the name of her children. Your number does not appear anywhere in this. Malti Devi will be left thinking after listening to Barkha’s words.

Precap: Anupama shocks Sonu as she visits the cafe. She says Ravan Dahan will happen. She provokes him to confess the truth and says I don’t think that you have shot Samar. Sonu aims the gun at her and says this is the same gun. Anupama says she will knock him down.

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