Anupama Written Update Today 1st Sep 2023

At the beginning of today’s episode of Anupama, Anuj tells Pakhi that she has heard everything he said, and now she will listen to him. He says that she will not decide who will work and who will not work on his company’s project, and asks her to go to the office with him and says that he is getting late. Pakhi asks Why have you all made my husband your enemy. Then Romil intervenes. Romil says that your husband is bad, deceitful, wicked, and a wife-beater.

अनुपमा 1st सितम्बर 2023 @Hotstar
Anupama 1st Sep 2023 @Hotstar

Pakhi asks Anuj What has my husband done? Anuj says I am sorry to say, that a person cannot be modern by modern clothes and education, and tells that a person will be modern by mind. He says your mother is more modern than you, though she wears hand-made sarees, and doesn’t speak English well. And despite being today’s girl, you are backward and remain silent after getting slapped by your husband, Don’t behave like a weak woman. He says that by doing this you are embarrassing not only yourself but the entire generation. Pakhi says my husband will go to the office.
Anuj says that he will go to jail if he has his way. He tells her that you yourself ask Anu where she wants to send him. He asks her not to disturb him with her stupid family talk and asks her to stop this drama, asking are she coming with him or not. He says I don’t have the whole day for your childish tantrums. More asks Pakhi to go to the office and says they all need time to believe that I have changed. Ankush asks Pakhi to come.

Adhik tells Pakhi that he is sure that she will give a good performance and is proud of her. Anuj went with Ankush. Adhik in his real form throws that thing away and says if I am a servant then how is he talking to me? Romil says you are a cunning and brazenly violent husband of the highest level. More Romil says I will break your face. Romil says I am not your wife to say I love you, if you kill me I will play your band saying this Romil leaves.

Barkha says this boy is over-smart. Adhik tells Barkha that he will see Anuj and Pakhi but will have to see her first. By saying this, he picks up the money case kept on the table in front of him. Barkha asks him what are you doing? So a devious smile floats on his lips.

Here in Shah’s house, Baa asks Kavya to stop crying and asks what happened, Why is she crying so much? Babuji says to Kavya that if you don’t tell us then whom will you tell? Anupama asks Kavya to go to the room. Kavya says softly that this child is not Vanraj’s. Baa asks What are you saying, Speak loudly. Kavya says this child is mine but not Vanraj’s. Hearing this, Anupama closes her eyes. Baa and others get shocked. Kavya cries saying I am sorry. Vanraj asks Kavya to go inside. Anupama asks what will happen now, she could not bear her crime and hence spoke. Vanraj wants to say something but Baa interrupts and says that you both know about it, but we did not know. She asks What do you mean that this child is Kavya’s but not Vanraj’s? Kavya says this child is Anirudh’s and mine. Everyone is shocked. Kavya keeps on crying. Babuji was very surprised.
Here we see Adhik in Romil’s room and Barkha asks Adhik what he is doing in Romil’s room. More says I am cutting Rommel’s ticket. Barkha asks if he is keeping this cash to trap Romil. Adhik says yes, and Anuj will throw him out and he will go to where he needs to be on the road. It is an atmosphere of mourning in Shah House. Baa is seen sitting sadly remembering the moment when Baa was so happy to hear about Kavya’s pregnancy. She says that this is betrayal, and says we have been celebrating for so many days, but we came to know that everything is betrayal. Babu ji says that he is very sad and crying why did Kanha ji give him a long life? They should have taken me before hearing all this.

Baa asks Kavya why she brings her pot of sin here. Baa scolds Kavya and says why didn’t you poison her and kill her? Why did you bring it home? Anupama asks Baa to leave Kavya and tells her that she is pregnant. Baa weeps and says that her head will remain low for 100 births, and tells that she had respect, but her daughter-in-law has tarnished her respect. She says that when a man commits a sin, he alone has to face the punishment, but when a woman commits a sin, the whole family has to face the punishment. Anupama tries to stop him. But Baa pushes him away. Vanraj shouts Baa. Baa asks him to keep quiet as well and listens to him a lot to hide the truth from them. She says her daughter-in-law has blackened her face, has hidden it and even you have hidden it.

She tells Kavya that she is ashamed of what she has done, and says that when you were Anirudh’s wife, you cheated on her with Vanraj and now you cheated on Vanraj with Anirudh. Anupama says that Kavya has made a mistake, but at least she has the guts to tell the truth. She says that if she had not told, then we would not have even come to know. Baa says Then shall we perform her aarti, respect her, let us celebrate because we have got a Satyavan daughter-in-law. Anupama says your anger is justified, but listen to Kavya for once. Baa says she doesn’t want to hear anything. Anupama tells him that his anger is justified, but listen to him. Baa asks her to shut up and says you have backstabbed me by hiding from me. She asks Vanraj when he became great and why did he hide this from her. Kavya says this is not Vanraj’s mistake but my mistake. Baa asks her to keep quiet, or else she will kill him.

Anuj talks to someone in the office and says Don’t worry, money will be deposited, I have given this work to my brother. Pakhi is sitting in front and typing something on the laptop. Anuj calls the receptionist and asks did Anu called or texted. He says let me know if she messages. Pakhi says mummy must have gone to Shah’s house, then some drama must have happened. Anuj says she is used to going there and says don’t worry, she will manage. Pakhi says if she gets involved in her personal life then how will she work? Anuj says I know what effect this thing will have, and says now you will talk about your personal life and husband. He says this work is not a samosa, which you want to eat with your husband. Anuj says You are disrespecting the office and the opportunity you get at home, You have lost your self-respect, this is your life, but this office is my sacred place, and I will not let anyone disrespect it.

Baa says I am wondering at my shamelessness, How can I survive hearing this? Toshu says even I have not stooped that low. Kinjal asks him to keep quiet. Toshu says in this house when a man makes a mistake everyone gets a chance to scold him, but when a woman makes a mistake everyone becomes silent and others are also asked not to say anything. Kinjal says the matter is not about man and woman, and says if you shout then the problem will not be solved. Then he asks Why did you shout when Dimpy and I made a mistake? Kinjal asks what do you mean? So he says everyone thinks of peace, when the lady makes a mistake, and mummy says don’t shout. He tells Anupama that what Papa did to him, Kavya has done to Papa. He says how would you feel if we had preached to you then not to fight. Anupama tries to calm Baa down. Vanraj asks Kavya if she is happy now, You have given so much pain to my old parents by reducing your guilt. Kavya tells him that I was burdened. He says that the burden was your punishment, which you put on him. Samar asks have you accepted this kid papa.

Baa shouts no! Babu ji asks why didn’t you tell us? He says you should have told us then or not now. Dimpy tells Baa You call me bad, but now your grandson and daughter-in-law are having an affair with someone and asks if it is home or a character profile from some bad movie. Baa shouts and asks her to shut up. Kinjal gives water in a glass to give to Baa. Vanraj asks Baa to drink water.Baa says she doesn’t want all this, she wants to die. Anupama says ba don’t say like that! Baa says I prayed to God all my life, but he cursed me. Kavya says I accept that I have made a mistake. Baa says it is a sin, and says no woman will accept that her daughter-in-law will stoop so low, and her son will fall in front of her. She asks Kavya to leave the house. Anupama interrupts Kavya and says where will she go from here? She says that Kavya is the daughter-in-law of the house and this is her house too. Baa says that only Griha Lakshmi lives in the house, that is why she cannot stay. She tries to drag Kavya out.

Anupama tries to stop him. Baa says you are taking her side. Anupama says I am not taking her side, but taking the side of this child. She says his mistake is not justified. She asks when your son cheated on me, did you throw him out? She says your son’s mistake can be forgiven, but not Kavya’s? She says Kavya is wrong just like Mr Shah was for me. She asks if Kavya gets hurt or something happens to the child, will you all be able to forgive yourselves? did you throw it out? She says your son’s mistake can be forgiven, but not Kavya’s.

She says Kavya is wrong like Mr Shah was for me. She asks if Kavya gets hurt or something happens to the baby, will you all forgive yourselves?

Precap: Anupama says to Adhik that her misbehavior and mistakes can be hidden from her daughter, but not from him. Pakhi says a lot. Anupama says your silence is too much at the wrong place. Pakhi asks We are happy and together, why do you want to separate us. She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life, I will do something that you will be left with nothing but regrets.

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