Anupama Written Update 18 Oct: Policeman will tell this secret to Anuj, there will be an argument between Romil and Guru Maa

Anupamaa 18 October 2023 Full Episode:

Anupama’s daughter Pakhi will tell her mother that the doctor has told her that she is infertile and will never be able to become a mother in her life. A shocking truth related to Samar’s case will come to light.

In the episode of Anupama on 18th October 2023, you will see that some children will reach Shah Niwas with flowers in their hands. When asked by the family, Dimple will say that Summer used to teach dance to these children. The children will console Samar on his death and then tell him that Samar was preparing them for a competition, his dream was to we should win this competition, but now neither Samar bhaiya nor his dream is there. On this, Dimple will tell the children that she will fulfill Samar’s dream by teaching them to dance.

There will be a squabble between Romil and Guru Maa.

Every member of the family including the children will be happy to hear this, except Leela. On the other hand, there will be an argument between Romil and Guru Maa Malti Devi in Kapadia Mansion. Malti Devi will be asking Romil where he is going and why he did not go to college today. On this, Ankush’s son will misbehave and tell him that everyone in this house is a refugee. So don’t try to be his mother. Barkha would be watching this show and would be thinking in her mind that who knows, Guru Maa might throw Romil out of the house and do the work which she herself could not do.

Policeman will tell this secret to Anuj

When Anuj Kapadia and Anupama were returning from the restaurant with Vanraj Shah, Anuj got a call from the police inspector in the car. The police officer will tell Anuj that Sonu has said very limited things during interrogation and now he has become completely calm. Perhaps his lawyer has asked him to keep quiet. The policeman will say that perhaps soon he will be removed from this case, hence he is sending the audio of Sonu’s interrogation to Anuj. On the other hand, Leela will create drama in the house so that there is no need to teach dance to Dimple.

Hansmukh Shah will take over Vanraj Shah

However, Leela will reluctantly agree to the persuasion of her family members. On the other hand, when Vanraj Shah comes home, his family members will see that his mental condition is continuously deteriorating. Bapuji will go and try to convince Vanraj Shah and tell him stories from his childhood, which will make Vanraj laugh. When Anupama and Anuj reach Kapadia Mansion, Pakhi will go and hug him and start crying. When asked, she will tell Anupama that the doctor has told her that she will never be able to become a mother.

Toshu will lie to his father Vanraj Shah

Hearing this, the ground will slip beneath Anupama’s feet. Anupama will explain to her daughter that the doctor has said that Pakhi cannot give birth to a child, but it does not mean that she cannot become a mother. Anupama will say that a woman gives birth to a child through her body, but she is a mother through her mind. On the other hand, Vanraj Shah will hear that Toshu and Kinjal are planning to go abroad. He will panic and plead with his son not to go anywhere. On this Toshu will lie to him that he is not going anywhere.

Precap: Anupama tells that they will celebrate Samar’s favorite festival. They dance to celebrate it. Samar thanks Anupama. Anuj sees Inspector Aftab’s call on his phone.

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