Anupama 22 September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Emotional Outbrust

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 22-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

At the beginning of today’s episode, Anupama shows the photo that she had found at Gurumaa’s place to Anuj and says this is your childhood photo, I wanted to tell it on the same day but could not. Perhaps God also wanted you to know this on this very day. After that, after showing some other documents including a birth certificate, Anupama says, Anuj, Gurumaa is your mother.
Everyone is surprised after hearing this, and Anuj has tears in his eyes. Anupama says to Gurumaa, I am also a mother Gurumaa, but that is why I cannot even imagine what you are feeling at this time. Seeing your son after so many years, Anuj is your son, Gurumaa, even though your mind did not know your heart knew that Anuj is your son, that is why you always kept calling him son.
Anupama says to Anuj, you always felt the absence of family and everything seemed incomplete, then sees God completed the incomplete moment. There can be no more memorable air moment than this.
Gurumaa looks at Anuj with tears in her eyes and asks Anupama, is this my son? Anupama says yes Gurumaa, even though your mind did not know this, but your heart and soul knew this.

Anupama says she is your mother. Anuj says if she was my mother she would not have left me in the orphanage. He says she is the great Malati Devi. Malti Devi says you are my son.

Anuj says you are not my mother and I am not your son. He says I can’t accept him even once. He says you know what mother means to me, but after meeting her it is a curse for me. Malti Devi is in shock. Vanraj says I can understand your feelings and I have no right to say anything, and asks her to give him some time. Anuj asks how much time will I give her. I gave him more than 40 years. He says Anu told me that she is my mother, but I want to tell Malti Devi ji that no woman becomes a mother after giving birth to a child, but a woman becomes a mother to give maternal love to the child. , as Anu became mine. Small. He says you are a stranger to me, and says you never wrote me any letter and I don’t care whether I live or die. Baa says she may be helpless. Anuj says I know everyone will say this. He says he wants to hear what her compulsion is. Malti Devi is in shock. Vanraj asks him to listen to him once. Anuj says I don’t want to have any relationship with her, not even a hate relationship because she doesn’t deserve it. He tells Anupama that she never turned back to meet him. He thanks Anupama and says I am really grateful for asking and finding out all this, you might be thinking that this is the most beautiful moment of my life, but sorry to tell you that this is the most beautiful moment for me. It is a painful and sad moment. He says I saw you closely and know how the mother would be. She says I have seen you with children who are not born to you, and you are like a mother to Kinjal, Dimpy, or Anu. He says you also know that mother is not like him. He says you have no answer.

He asks Malati Devi why she left him in the orphanage after giving birth. She says that if she had wanted to make a career, she would have made it while keeping him with her. He says he was in an orphanage for 8 years and says he received food, clothing, and shelter, but had no relatives or family there. He says there was no mother when I was scared, and says there was no father to walk me holding his finger, and says there was no one to teach me values, though there was no one to teach discipline. There were many people. He says the orphanage is better than the street, but why don’t the parents understand that they don’t have parents in the orphanage, and says it is a dark cave where the children get scared and can’t find the way out. He asks why parents don’t understand all this before leaving their children there. Anupama hugs him to calm him down. Little Anu hugged him. He takes her in his lap and says only she can understand him, not Anupama and others. She says that we used to sleep with tears in our eyes and wake up with tears, no one makes us sleep. He says these papers prove that you have given birth to me, and says my mother is my mother who brought me here for an orphanage, raised me taught me good values, and made me this. He says you are not my mother.

Precap: Anupama asks Malti Devi who will tell that Anuj’s hatred is wrong. She says that every woman has the right to dream, but it is wrong to punish a small child for this. Anuj says I know I will never go against you, and you can keep her here, but if she stays here, I will not stay here.

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