Anupama Written Episode Update 20th October 2023: Why did Anupama fight with Baa for Dimpy?

Anupamaa Written Update Today Hindi(Oct 20-2023): Anupamaa Serial Written Episode: Telly Update: Anupama Spoilers: Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama Upcoming Story Trendingheadlines.In

Anupama Written Update 20 October:

In today’s episode of Anupama, on the one hand, Anu will give a strong message to widowed women, and on the other hand she will also support Vanraj. Anupama will clash with Baa for Dimpy.

Anupama 20 October Written Update:

Today’s episode will start in Anupama and it will be seen that even in Kapadia Mansion, all the family members will find out that the video of Vanraj and Suresh Rathore has gone viral. Due to this Samar’s death case has become quite weak. During this, Anupama will say that if a father is trying his best to save his son, then even a mother will not give up. Know what will happen next in the show…

Anupama in favor of Dimpy…

In the future, it will be seen in the Shah family that Dimpy will want to go to dance class but during this time Baa will stop her and, in the meantime, some women of the neighborhood will also taunt her. However, Anupama will come there and talk in favor of Dimpy. Meanwhile, when Baa calls Dimpy a widow, Anupama will make Baa understand and speak for the rights of widowed women. During this, she also gives some statistics and says – ‘A woman is a rock, whose identity is not only with her husband. She will not live in a white saree; she will live as her heart desires. Anupama will say that she does not care about society. However, Ba will still stick to her words. Later, Anupama will also tell Dimpy the thoughts of the elders.

Vanraj Shah is back…

After this, when Anupama goes inside the house, she sees that everything is scattered and Vanraj is very angry. The whole family is around Vanraj and controlling his anger. After this Anupama will go to Vanraj and explain. Anupama will give motivation to Vanraj by mentioning Samar in her own style. Anupama will say- ‘The case may weaken but not Samar’s parents. Samar had to become a son like you and a father like you. After this Anupama will ask Vanraj to say her dialogue. After this Vanraj will say with full swag – ‘Vanraj Shah is back. Samar Shah’s father, Vanraj Shah, is back.

Barkha-Adhik worried

In the Kapadia mansion, it will be seen further that when Adhik and Barkha are talking, Malti Devi will come and say that she wants to help in the business. During this, Barkha will taunt them and ask them to teach dance to their granddaughter and cook food for their son. But Malti Devi will also shut her mouth by giving a befitting reply. He will say that he cannot give the file because it is confidential, on this Malti Devi will say – ‘It is my fault, I should have asked for this file from Anuj.’ More- Barkha will be worried that Malti Devi will take over the entire business. At the end of the show, it will be seen that someone has come to the door, seeing whom the entire family will be shocked.

Precap: Devika meets Anupama and asks how can she help her. Anupama asks her to use any means she wants to, force people in the club to reveal that Sonu shot Samar intentionally and not in self-defense. Devika determines to get justice to Samar. Vanraj notices a gun trying to shoot his parents and rushes towards it.

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