Anupama Upcoming Twists: Malti Devi will make Chhoti Tak a pawn, these 5 great twists will come in the serial

Anupama Promo Upcoming Twists

Samar has got justice in the TV serial Anupama, but now there will be some new twists in the story. Anuj’s mother Malti Devi will emerge as the biggest villain of the show so far.

Anupama Upcoming Twists

After several weeks of drama in the Anupama, Samar’s murderer has finally been sent behind bars. Anupama has succeeded in getting justice for her son with the help of her husband Anuj Kapadia and friend Devika. It’s a happy occasion for the family, but there is someone who still cares about his or her. We are talking about Anupama’s ill-tempered daughter Pakhi. As always, she is only thinking about herself and is sad that no one is caring about her. Now in the upcoming episode, you will see that Guru Maa Malti Devi will take advantage of this. So let us know about some major twists in the upcoming episode.

Guru Maa’s hatred towards Anupama will increase.

Guru Maa Malti Devi has become jealous of the fact that her son Anuj keeps chanting only Anupama’s name all the time. She wants to be completely reunited when she finds her son. Barkha is working to fuel this hatred in Guru Maa’s mind. In the upcoming episode, you will see that Guru Maa will try her best to throw Anupama out of Anuj’s life. She wants that she should get the place she deserves in this property and Anuj’s life.

Will use these family members

Guru Maa Malti Devi has already used Anupama’s children against her. In the times to come, you will see that she will use his daughter Pakhi as well as her friend Devika against him. On one hand, by calling Devika bad, Malti Devi will put it in Anupama’s mind that she wants to come closer to Anuj, while on the other hand, she will also fill Anuj Kapadia’s mind with bad things about Anupama. Due to this, discord will start between the two.

Malti Devi will make even the youngest a pawn

Guru Maa will tell Anuj Kapadia that his wife Anupama was never his. She always thinks only about the Shah family and goes when they call. Guru Maa Malti Devi will try to bring Anuj to her side by playing the victim card. The old twist will come again in the show and Malti Devi will put it in Anuj’s mind that because of Anupama, Chhoti is being continuously ignored. Anuj, who used to be very positive about his daughter, will now start thinking.

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