Anupama upcoming Twists: This actor will enter Anupama, Malti Devi will make Devika the villain 25 OCT 2023

Anupamaa Written Update Today (Oct 25-2023): Anupamaa Serial Written Episode: Telly Update: Anupama Spoilers: Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama Upcoming Story Trendingheadlines.In

Anupama Upcoming Twists

Not one or two but many big twists are going to come in the Anupamaa. There is news that a new actor is also going to enter the show. However, it is not clear what role he will play.

Anupama Upcoming Twist

Not one or two but many big twists are going to come in the upcoming episode of ‘Anupama’. After Samar’s death, it seems as if the happiness of the Shah and Kapadia family has come to an end. Suresh Rathod, the father of Samar’s murderer Sonu, is a veteran politician and he warned Anupama several times to stay away from this case. When they did not agree, he got Anuj and Kavya attacked, after which Toshu, Pakhi, and Kinjal backed out from the case. Meanwhile, there is news that a new character is going to enter the show.

This new actor will enter Anupama

In Tuesday’s episode, you will see that Anupama will lose the case. Meanwhile, actor Kunwar Amar will soon make a dramatic entry in the serial Anupama. No specific information has been revealed about what his character will be and how his entry will be, but if reports are to be believed, Kunwar can be seen as the support pillar of Anuj and Anupama in the show. This is also because after losing the case, both of them have no hope left.

There will be a rift in Anupama Devika’s friendship

Recently you saw how Devika scolded Malti Devi in front of everyone and supported Anupama. At that time Malti Devi did not say anything but in the future, she could settle the matter. According to a report, Malti Devi can be seen trying to create a rift in the friendship between Anupama and Devika. The reason for this is also that she knows that Devika is a strong support for Anupama and if Anuj is to be brought closer, then Anupama will have to be weakened.

Dimple will leave Shah’s residence

Malti Devi will try to put it into the mind of her daughter-in-law Anupama that her husband Anuj has actually started getting attracted to Devika. On the other hand, in Shah Niwas, Dimple will be adamant that this case should not be dragged further because because of this, every member of the family has started getting separated. In an attempt to close the case, Dimple will try to leave the house, but will she really leave and not return? We will know this further soon.

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