Anupamaa Spoiler upcoming twist: Anuj Anupama’s distance is disappearing, they were coming closer but then…23rd OCT 2023

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Anupama Upcoming: There was a distance between Anuj and Anupama after Samar’s death, but now it seems that things will gradually get better. But this may take time. Know what will happen tomorrow…

Anupama Promo

It has been seen in the episodes of Anupama so far that with the arrival of Devika, not only Anupama but also Anuj has got a lot of strength. Now both of them are fighting for justice for Samar more than ever and with new methods. Along with this, Devika is also trying to bridge the distance between Anuj and Anupama. Now know what has been seen in Anupama’s latest promo.

Samar will get justice…

In the new promo of Anupama, it is seen that Anuj and Anupama are sitting together and then Anu says – ‘I will feel relieved if my son gets justice.’ On this Anuj will say- ‘Samar will get justice and you will also get peace.’ After this, Anupama will hold Anuj’s hand and Anuj will keep his head on Anupama’s shoulder. Then Suresh Rathore will come there and say – ‘Wow wow wow wow… It hasn’t been a month since the child died and the mother is thinking of romance.’

Anuj Anupama’s distance is disappearing

Recall that when Samar died, Anuj was held responsible. It was said that if Anuj had not fought, the bullet would not have been fired and Samar would not have lost his life to save him. After this, many members of the family including Pakhi and Anupama distanced themselves from Anuj. But now it seems that the distance between Anuj and Anupama is gradually reducing and soon both will probably be together again.

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