Anupama Upcoming twist: Little Anu will not be at home, Anupama will be worried, Guru Maa will say- I have given her…8th nov 2023

Anupama Spoiler and upcoming twist

Anupama will return from the dance academy when younger Anu will not be at home. Anupama will get upset. Guru Maa will give a negative answer to Anupama. In such a situation, Anupama will be surprised.

Guru Maa will use the younger Anu. She will try to hit two birds with one stone through Chhoti Anu. First, she will distance Chhoti Anu from Anupama and then will make excuses to get closer to Anuj. Anupama will understand every move of Guru Maa. But I won’t be able to do anything. In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Guru Maa will gradually sideline Anupama. Read about this upcoming twist.

Dimpy will not like Titu

‘Anupama Dance Academy’, which was closed due to Malti Devi, will open. Dimpy will go to ‘Anupama Dance Academy’ to fulfill Samar’s dream. After Dimpy, Titu will also reach ‘Anupama Dance Academy’. While Dimpy is teaching dance, Titu will be promoting ‘Anupama Dance Academy’ on social media. Dimpy’s students will insist on learning dance from Titu. Dimpy will get furious. Dimpy will not like Titu coming to ‘Anupama Dance Academy’.

Titu will get emotional

Anupama will go to ‘Dance Academy’ to see Dimpy. When Anupama reaches, Dimpy’s steps will stumble and she is about to fall. But then Titu will come and take care of him. Anupama will heave a sigh of relief. Anupama will tell Titu that Dimpy is pregnant. Anupama will say, ‘This will have to be handled a lot. There is another life inside it. The last sign of my son. Titu will get emotional.

Where did Choti go?

When Anupama returns home after completing the dance academy work, Guru Maa will tell that Choti has gone to her friend’s house. Anupama will get angry. She will say, ‘Who gave the permission?’ In response, Guru Maa will say, ‘I gave him permission to go to his friend’s house’. Anupama will say, ‘You have full rights over Chhoti, but next time before taking any decision regarding her, please ask her father or me.’ Guru Maa will say, ‘I did not consider it necessary to ask’.

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