Anupama upcoming twist: Malti Devi will stab Anupama in the back along with Pakhi! dimpy’s problems will increase 28 OCT 2023

Anupama new Upcoming episode: In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Pakhi is jealous of Dimpy’s pregnancy. Malti Devi, on the other hand, can add fuel to the fire. Know what will happen.

Anupama Upcoming Episode: Today’s episode of Anupama will come with a happy ending. It will be seen in the show that Anupama has provoked Sonu a lot, after which Sonu finally confesses everything and also points the gun at Anuj-Anupama. All this is captured on camera and the police arrest Sonu. Know what will happen next in Anupama…

Malti Devi will stab Anupama in the back

In this Sunday’s episode, it will be seen that Malti Devi has now started having problems with Anupama and she is gradually turning against her. In today’s episode, Malti Devi trapped Anupama in Anuj’s love and she will do something similar in the future. In the promo of Anupama, it is seen that Anupama and Anuj are spending time with younger Anu, seeing which Malti Devi will think – ‘This is not businessman Anuj Kapadia, he is not my son. He is just Anupama’s husband. Looking at Malti Devi, it seems that now she will stab Anupama in the back.

Pakhi- Malti Devi will hatch a conspiracy?

After this, in the second part of the promo, it will be seen that Anupama is with Dimpy and is slowly getting her done. Anupama makes Dimpy wear jhumkas and bindi and showers lots of love to her. However, Pakhi gets disturbed after seeing this. Pakhi will tell Adhik that everyone is worried about her pregnancy and no one is worried about mine. Neither you nor mom. More will leave after listening to Pakhi and then Malti Devi will come there, who looks like she is going to do something very bad. It is possible that both of them together will trouble Dimpy too

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