Anupama Upcoming Twist 18th OCT: Will Pakhi not be able to become a mother? A new disaster will hit Navratri!

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Anupama Spoiler Upcoming Twist:

Anupama Upcoming Twist: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, you will see that keeping in mind the happiness of her son Samar, Anupamaa will go to the Shah house to celebrate. Since Navratri was her son’s favorite festival, she would make everyone smile and be happy. Everyone will be celebrating when the inspector calls. Are the Shah family going to get any good news on Navratri, or are they going to face a mountain of troubles once again? It is believed that the video recorded by the politician will become a new headache for him.

That’s why the Samar-Toshu twist is coming.

On one hand, spoilers of the upcoming episode are trending on social media, while on the other hand, fans have started speculating about the upcoming story of the serial. One user commented on Kinjal-Toshu going abroad, “Kinjal is deciding to settle down in London. I think this is happening because not only the character but also the actress had become unbearable. Well, the crowd of bad actors will be less.” Let us tell you that for some time now an atmosphere has been created for Samar-Toshu to go abroad.

The doctor will give this shocking news to Pakhi!

While one user got angry at Pakhi’s scene and wrote, “Maybe the doctor is going to give them the news soon that Pakhi cannot become a mother. It is funny that Pakhi makes Malti Devi an outsider in her own son’s house, she should not be forced to accept this.” What she doesn’t realize is that she, her husband, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law are also outsiders, I wish she knew that no one in this house has as much authority as Malti Devi.”

Will Anupama-Anuj reunite again?

While sharing a screenshot of the spoiler video, a user wrote, “Just yesterday these people were scolding Malti Devi for being insensitive, yes, Malti Devi herself had said to go to Shah House and do Garba.” While sharing pictures of Malti Devi with her son Anuj, a user wrote, “The only person who right now wholeheartedly wishes that Anuj Kapadia and Anupama should reunite again.” It remains to be seen which of the speculations being made by the fans will prove to be correct in the times to come.

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