Anupama latest upcoming twist 17th OCT 2024: Vanraj will lose his mental balance, and then he will go to jail.

Anupama Spoilers and Twist: Vanraj's condition will worsen only after Malti Devi's entry. Pakhi will also be against Anuj-Anupama. Whereas Vanraj will lose his mental balance and will get trapped in a trick.

Guru Maa returns to Kapadia House

Guru Maa has returned to Anupama’s house. She has completely recovered mentally. She will pamper the younger one a lot and ask her to call her grandmother. Barkha will get irritated after seeing Malti Devi. Meanwhile, Pakhi will return to the doctor. Pakhi will taunt Malti Devi in front of Barkha and say that she does not want to tell in front of outsiders. Meanwhile, in the next scene, it will be shown that Vanraj’s health will deteriorate. Vanraj will go to trauma, Vanraj may go mad, need therapy, and family members are worried.

Vanraj will be unconscious

Anupama will be upset seeing Vanraj’s condition. She will say that the father shows his love but does not show sorrow. The mother calms down the mood by crying, but the father carries everything in his mind. Saying this, Anupama will start crying. Anuj will stand behind and watch. Anupama will say that the guilt of never loving Samar while he was alive is eating away at Vanraj. Then Anuj will say that we will have to show Vanraj to a good doctor. Baa will say that first the grandson went and the son… saying this she will cry. Anuj will tell Bapu ji that he is going, if he gets any update then he will leave asking him to tell.

Anupama will be emotional

Anupama will start looking towards Anuj. Anuj will also turn and look at him. Anupama will say something in a gesture and Anuj will be a little happy. Bapuji will be completely broken and will cry a lot and then Baa will come into the room. She will say that Vanraj is not regaining consciousness and will ask to call another doctor. Bapuji will wipe his tears and say that he has been given a sleeping injection, hence it is better to let him sleep now. Baa gives the cup of tea to Bapuji and leaves saying that she is closing the room. She will also tell Bapuji that father and grandfather cry only in closed rooms.

Anuj will talk about dying

Anupama will also leave home with Anuj. She will tell Anuj in the car that she likes that they are letting Gurumaa stay in the house. She will say that whatever happened was good. Now she would only wish that Anuj and Gurumaa would be united forever. Only then will Anuj say that when will he and Anupama be united. Anupama will remain silent on this. Anuj will also remain silent even if he wants to say something. Meanwhile, Anuj will hold Anupama’s hand. Anuj will apologize and tell Anupama that your silence and my guilt are not allowing me to live. He will remember Baa not giving him water. He will also remember Anupama’s gesture and say that he felt that everything is not spoiled yet. Anupama still has a place for him in her mind. Anupama will say that she needs some time. On this Anuj will say that he can take as much time as he wants, but do not leave her. If she leaves his life, he will kill himself.

Summer’s eyes will show light to someone else

When Anupama goes home, she will see that a child will be waiting for her. The mother of that child will tell Anupama that it is because of Samar that her child is able to see. Samar’s eyes are now useful to that child. Anupama will become emotional after seeing this. She will cry again and say that these are her Samar’s eyes and she will feed him sweets. That child will thank Samar. Pakhi will also start crying after hearing this. Vanraj will regain consciousness there. Kavya will be sitting next to him and will give him juice. He will say that something has happened to him. He will say where is the equality. He has a lot of work to do. Hearing his words, Kavya stops him and tells him that Samar is dead.

Vanraj will go mad

Vanraj will remember the entire incident. He will say that he got shot in front of me, he will say that he is a very bad father, I could not save him… Samar dies. He will repeat this again and again. On the other hand, Anuj will say that since two people did not come to testify, the case has definitely been weakened, but I and Vanraj will definitely get him justice. Meanwhile, when Anupama gets up to go to Chhoti, Malti Devi will tell her that she has fed Chhoti and also made her do her homework. She will also say that she has also started teaching dance. Anuj will feel angry after hearing all this. Malti Devi will say that she now understands what family is.

The family will take care of Vanraj together

After this Malti Devi will say that Navratri is coming, can she celebrate in this house? On this Anupama will say that she has just lost her son. Anupama will say that the lamp will be lit every day in front of the goddess. Anupama will say that this was Samar’s favorite festival so we will celebrate it. Saying this she will leave. Malti Devi will go after him and ask if he has forgiven Anuj. In response to this, she will say that she is not angry with Anuj. Things will get better in some time. She will go away saying this. Kavya will tell Baa that Vanraj’s health is very bad. She is shocked to hear this, Ba and Bapuji There will be fiber. Dimpy will also ask to take care of Vanraj. The whole family will work together to try to cure him.

If Anmupama wins the first battle then Vanraj will be in trouble.

Meanwhile, in the next scene, Anuj shouts Anupama’s name loudly. If she comes running, he will show her TV. There must be news coming on TV that the police have arrested Samar’s murderer. Murderer Sonu’s father will accuse the Shah family of framing his son. Anupama will say that now her Samar will get justice. Precap- I will spoil Suresh Rathod’s life. Meanwhile, Suresh Rathod will come and ask the Shah family to withdraw the case. In anger, Vanraj will strangulate him. Anupama and Anuj will try to stop him and in the meantime, someone will make a video. All this will be done to trap Vanraj.

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