Anupama Spoiler 4th Oct 2023: Anupama Upcoming Twist: Anupama’s health will deteriorate

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The new episode of Anupama is going to be very interesting. There will be a lot of drama in the restaurant after which Anupama's son Samar will die due to gunshot.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, you will see that Samar will lose his life while saving Anuj Kapadia. Samar’s goodness will become the reason for his death. So let us know from the beginning what you are going to see in the 3rd October 2023 episode of the serial. In Tuesday’s episode of the Anupama serial, you will see that there will be bad omens one after the other in the house due to which Anu will feel something untoward.

This is how a fight in a restaurant will start.

On the other hand, the fools will start molesting a girl in the restaurant, after which Anuj Kapadia’s patience will wear out. He will thrash the leader of that group severely. Vanraj Shah will try to convince him that this is not the time to fight. Vanraj will explain that today is a very special day for Samar, so let’s not create any drama today.

Anuj Kapadia will be the victim of provocation

Anuj Kapadia will understand but then he will start poking Anuj again and again. That boy will taunt Anuj on his family and his personal life, after which Anuj will beat him once again. Vanraj will repeatedly stop him from fighting today, but Anuj will also get provoked by the boy’s efforts. The boy will also get angry after being beaten several times at the hands of Anuj Kapadia.

Samar will get hit by the bullet meant for Anuj.

Anuj Kapadia will ask the restaurant manager to call the police and then everyone will come out of there. When Anuj Kapadia, Vanraj, Samar, and Toshu would be standing outside and talking, then he would get a chance and fire at Anuj. Seeing the bullet fired towards Anuj, Samar jumps to save him. The result will be that the bullet meant for Anuj will hit Samar. In this way, Vanraj will blame Anuj for Samar’s death.

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anupama will know the truth about her son Samar’s death. Vanraj Shah will tell him how his son died and who is responsible.

In Tuesday’s episode of Anupama, Samar will die while saving Anuj Kapadia. However, Anupama will come to know about this in a very dramatic manner. In the new spoiler video of Anupama, it is shown that the lights of the house will have gone off when Anuj Kapadia suddenly comes and stands in front of Anupama. Anupama will tell him that you have scared him.

This terrible truth will be revealed in front of Anupama

After this, gradually other men will enter the house but Anupama’s eyes will be searching for her beloved son Samar. Anupama will sense something untoward, she will start calling her son’s name loudly and then Vanraj Shah will shout and tell her that his son is no more. He will tell her that Samar is dead. Hearing this, Anupama will be stunned and will run out of the house.

Anupama’s health will deteriorate after Samar’s death.

Anupama’s foot will slip and she will fall. If fan theories are to be believed, Anupama’s health will deteriorate significantly and she will be shocked that her son is no more. It will take a lot of time for Anupama to recover, but the thought will remain in her mind that her son Samar has lost his life because of her husband.

Anupama-Anuj will separate again

For the last few days, a promo video of Anupama serial is being played on TV in which Anupama tells her husband Samar that whenever I look at you, I see the face of my dead son. The relationship between Anuj Kapadia and Anupama was only here and now both are going to separate once again.

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