Anupama Spoiler 15th Oct 2023: Anupama Upcoming Twist: Dimple’s ex-boyfriend will return to her life, and Leela will create drama in the house

Anupamaa 14 October 2023 Full Episode Recap: In the 14th October episode of Anupama, Anuj will be seen crying for the first time with his head in his mother’s lap. He will tell his mother all his feelings.

Anupamaa 14 October 2023 Full Episode Recap: In Saturday’s episode of Anupamaa, you will see that Anuj Kapadia will plead in front of his wife and once again try to convince her that he is not a criminal. Anuj Kapadia will tell his Anupama that he can tolerate everything, but cannot tolerate her displeasure, her silence, and her indifference. In response, Anupama will say something that the ground will slip from under Anuj’s feet.

Anuj will cry with his head in his mother’s lap

Anupama will tell her husband that she is helpless because whenever she looks at Anuj’s face, she remembers her dead son. She will say that whenever she looks at Anuj, she sees her son’s dead body wrapped in white cloth. Anuj will hold his wife’s hand, but Anupama will free her hand and go away from there. At that very moment, Guru Maa Malti Devi will enter. She will console and console Anuj by placing her hand on his head. Anuj will also keep his head in his mother’s lap and cry bitterly for the first time.

Kavya will reach home in injured condition.

Anuj Kapadia is so broken that he will pour out his entire heart by placing his head in the lap of the woman whom he hates the most. Guru Maa will go and try to make Anupama understand but like always she will try to twist and avoid things. She will give such arguments that even Guru Maa will not be satisfied. Here at Shah Niwas, Kavya will reach home in an injured condition and tell what happened to her. She will tell what threat the goons have given her.

Kinjal-Toshu will announce this shocking decision

Kinjal will get nervous after seeing Kavya’s condition and hearing all the things from her mouth. She will request Toshu not to take the police case further. Toshu initially tries to give courage to Kinjal but later Kinjal tells him that he was with Samar that night, could he save her? Hearing these things, Samar announced his decision in front of the family the next day that he would neither testify to the police nor want to file a case. Along with Samar and Kinjal, Leela will also support not filing the case.

Anupamaa Twist:

Anupama Spoiler: Dimple was pregnant and preparations were going on in the family for the arrival of another member when her husband Samar died accidentally. However, according to reports, Dimple will not be alone after Samar’s death.

Her ex-boyfriend will come back to her life.

He will return to the story when he finds out about Dimple. He will help Dimple regain the same confidence and passion that she had before.

Leela will be annoyed by his return and will oppose Dimple and Nimmit’s friendship because she is afraid that Dimple might get attracted to her ex-boyfriend again. However, Anupama will support this friendship. Anupama will want to bid farewell to Dimple as a daughter instead of living a widow’s life for the rest of her life. On one hand, Nimmit will want to help Dimple, while on the other hand, Dimple will feel negative after meeting her ex-boyfriend, because she will not want to go through those memories again that she has left behind in her life. It remains to be seen what turn the story takes next.

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