Anupama Spoiler: is Adhik responsible for Pakhi’s death? 12th Sep 2023

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Recap: Anupama’s suspicion has now shifted from Aadi to Romil. She will notice something strange in Romil’s behavior.
Anupama will reach here chasing Romil, after this she will see that Romil is trying to secretly run away from the house. Anupama will follow him. While following Romil, Anupama will reach a house where Romil would have stopped after entering the door. She will find that Pakhi’s bag is kept in front.

Anupama will get her daughter Pakhi’s bag

Anupama will not be able to stop herself after seeing the evidence related to her daughter Sweety in front of her and will scream. She will call her daughter’s name loudly and hug her bag. Romil standing right behind him will be shocked. The ground will slip beneath his feet and he will not know how to react. Tears will start flowing from his eyes and he will become weak.

The secret of pakhi’s disappearance will be revealed through Romil

Anupama will shout loudly at Romil and ask Where is my daughter? Romil will not say anything. Now it is clear that Romil knows something about Pakhi’s disappearance. But is he the one who got Anupama’s daughter kidnapped? Or is the matter something else?

Anupama Twist: Malti Devi will return in Anupama, there will be a big twist in the story

Anupama Upcoming Twist: Malti Devi is going to enter once again in ‘Anupama’. With the entry of Malti Devi, Pakhi is also going to return. Read about this upcoming twist.
The story of ‘Anupama’ is currently revolving around Pakhi. Pakhi has been missing since the day of Rakhi. There is no trace of him. Earlier everyone was more concerned about Pakhi’s husband. But, now Anupama doubts Romil. In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Anupama will catch Romil red-handed. He will come to know that Romil has kidnapped Pakhi to take revenge on Adhik. But, he will not get Pakhi. After all, where is Pakhi? Let us know.

Anupama will get angry at Romil

Guru Maa will bring Pakhi with her to the Kapadia house. It is said that Anupama will get furious after knowing Romil’s truth. She will start shouting at Romil and will decide to tell the truth to Anuj if Pakhi is not found. When she tries to tell Anuj the truth about Romil. Only then will Pakhi enter.

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