Anupama Spoiler: Pakhi came back home: Anupama Upcoming Twist: 14th Sep 2023

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 14-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

Anupama Recap:

Romil will finally reveal the truth about what he did to Pakhi. He will say that he himself does not know where Pakhi is. He will say that he had planned all this to take revenge on Pakhi and Adhik but he did not know that it would get so bad. Anupama will ask him to call his friend and ask him where his daughter is now.

Romil will reveal every secret related to the kidnapping

Anupama will ask to put the phone on speaker. The boy will tell Romil on the phone that because Pakhi was troubling him a lot, he had given her sleeping pills. However, in the morning she opened the door and then I don’t know where she went. The boy will say that it is possible that Pakhi may have gone back home. Anupama will call and tell the whole matter to Anuj. Now the family knows how and why Pakhi went missing, but they still don’t know where she is.

Samar-Toshu will return after coming closer to Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Toshu and Samar will find the location of a special place where a girl is wandering in a dejected state. He will reach that location but will leave without doing much investigation, while Pakhi will be very close to him. Pakhi, wandering hungry and thirsty, will eventually get dizzy and fall on the ground and then some scoundrels will notice her. Pakhi will try to tell them to help her.

Anupama Upcoming: Guru Maa came as an angel for Pakhi and said something that the whole family was shocked.
Everyone has come to know that Pakhi was kidnapped by Romil, although he was frank to her. But after this Pakhi ran away and was saved from the predators by Malti Devi.
Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In Anupama, fans were desperate to know from the last few episodes where is Pakhi. What has happened to him and who has done all this to him? In today’s episode, viewers will get answers to all the questions that Romil having an affair with Pakhi, which did not sit well and has created a big problem. Know what will happen next…..

Effect of sleeping medicine on Pakhi:

Till now in Anupama, you have seen that Pakhi has run away from the room where she was kidnapped. Now in the upcoming episodes, you will get to see that since sleeping pills were found in her water, its effect will be seen on her and she will remain unconscious. On one hand, Pakhi will fall unconscious on the ground and will keep murmuring. Then some goons will come to Pakhi and want to take advantage of her. However, this will not happen.
Malti Devi saved Pakhi from goons

Actually, as soon as those goons come near Pakhi, Malti Devi will come there, who has lost her memory. But because of Malti Devi, those goons will go away. On one hand, Pakhi is unconscious and on the other hand, the condition of the rest of the class including Anupama is bad. However, Anupama suddenly realizes that Pakhi is coming. Anupama keeps looking towards the door and Anuj asks her what happened, there is no one at the door. On this Anupama will say that Pakhi is coming.
Malti Devi reached home with Pakhi

After some time it will be seen that Malti Devi comes to the door of the house with Pakhi. On the one hand, everyone will be happy seeing this, on the other hand, they will also get upset seeing Pakhi like this. After this, Malti Devi will mutter to Anupama – ‘Found this girl.’ Guru Maa’s one-line statement made the entire family aware of her mental condition. But everyone was also surprised because at this stage Guru Maa remembered that Pakhi was Anupama’s daughter and she brought her home.

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