Anupama Spoiler 16th Oct 2023: Anuj-Anupama and Vanraj are trapped in Suresh Rathore’s tricks, and a big scandal happens

Anupamaa Full Episode Written Update Recap: In today's episode of Anupamaa, while Anu's heart will be aching for Anuj, Vanraj is seen mentally very upset. After Samar, Toshu-Pakhi also died for him.

Anupama 15 October 2023 Full Episode: At the beginning of Anupama, today we will see Vanraj’s conversation with Toshu-Kinjal. It will be seen in the show that Vanraj will explain to Toshu that a family is made not just by living together but by standing together. On this Toshu will say that a family is not created even by dying for each other. After this, Toshu will also advise Vanraj to withdraw the case, and then Vanraj will tell him not to teach cowardice to his father. Overall, the Shah family will be divided into two parts, on one hand, Baa, Kinjal, and Toshu will talk about withdrawing the case, while Kavya, Bapuji, and Dimpy will talk in favor of Vanraj. Know what else will happen in the show today…

Barkha explained to Sweety- Adhik

On one hand, Toshu-Kinjal has pulled the strings of the summer case, on the other hand, she will be seen talking to Barkha, Sweety, and more in the Kapadia mansion. Barkha will tell both of them that Suresh has links with the underworld and if Kavya is attacked, we too can be attacked. Barkha will say that if both of you are thinking of planning a baby, is it safe? After hearing all this, Barkha will say that he will give a statement and will get justice for Samar but Barkha will say that it is not that your statement will get him punished. After this, Barkha will again be seen explaining to Sweety and will say that you have lost one relation but the others are with you.

More refused to give a statement

During breakfast at Kapadia Mansion, Anuj told Anupama that after dropping younger Anu at school, he would go straight to the police station. More will refuse on this and Anupama will ask the reason. On this Sweety will say that more and I have decided that more will not give a statement as a witness in this case. Just then Vanraj will come home and will hear this and start clapping. After this, Vanraj will tell the rest of the family including Anupama that like Pakhi, Toshu has also refused to give the statement.

Vanraj considered Pakhi-Toshu dead.

The whole family will try to convince Pakhi-Adhik. During this, Malti Devi will be seen thinking that Anupama is pleading for Samar but Anupama is not able to see it. Meanwhile, Vanraj will say – ‘Let it be… one son died of a bullet and the other two died of fear. Anupama, today we became childless. You people forgot your brothers and sisters, but we did not forget our son. If I lose my life in this fight and I die, then don’t come to support me. Just as I gave my shoulder to my son, my father is also alive. After listening to Vanraj and the family, Pakhi will express her views but Anupama will answer her and say – ‘Don’t call your cowardice the name of practicality.’

The family was shattered.

On the other hand, there will be a talk between Kavya and Kinjal and both will share their views. Both will try to convince each other. Just then Dimpy will come there and taunt Kinjal. But Kinjal will also retaliate sharply and apologize after Kavya explains. After this, Kavya-Dimpy will be seen arguing with Kinjal. Ba-Bapuji will see all this and will believe that the entire family has fallen apart.

Anuj supported Vanraj-Anupama

After a lot of debate, Anupama will tell Vanraj – ‘No one is with us in this fight. We will fight for our summer.’ After this, both will leave for the police station. At the police station, the Inspector will ask Vanraj-Anupama about Paritosh, Anuj, and more. On this, the police will be told that they have refused to give the statement. Then Anuj will come there and say that I am also a witness in this case and I would like to tell you every detail of what happened that night. After this Anuj will tell the entire incident to the inspector.

Vanraj fell unconscious

In Kapadia Mansion, it will be seen that Barkha will be seen taunting Malti Devi and calling her a guest. But Guru Maa will also stop speaking in response. Barkha fears that Malti Devi will set up residence at the house and take over the Kapadia mansion. After giving the statement to the police, Anuj-Anupama and Vanraj will reach Shah House. During this, Dimpy will apologize to Anuj and say that it is not his fault. Seeing all this, Anupama’s heart slowly melts. During this time, if Toshu taunts Anuj, Anupama will give him the same class as Toshu. After this, Vanraj will also scold Toshu. While talking, Vanraj will remember Samar and will fall unconscious. Due to this, the whole family will be surprised.

Anupamaa Spoiler

Anupama Upcoming twist: While today’s episode has been quite spicy in Anupama, there will be more spice in the upcoming episode. Currently in Anupama, Anupama-Vanraj and Anuj are fighting for justice for Samar’s death. While on the one hand, these three murderers want to send Sonu to jail, on the other hand, Sonu’s father Suresh Rathore is making every effort to save his son. In such a situation, Suresh has now made a big move, in which Vanraj, Anupama, and Anuj are trapped. Know what will happen next in Anupama…

What will happen next in Anupama?

In the latest promo of Anupama, it is seen that Vanraj has a fight at an event and while fighting with the security, he says angrily – ‘I will burn Suresh Rathore’s entire life, the entire world to ashes.’ Then Suresh Rathore will come there in his luxury car and say – ‘Jai Shri Krishna… Look, you have sent my son to jail. Did your son come back? No… please withdraw this case.

video recorded

Hearing Suresh Rathore’s words, Vanraj’s temper will rise and he will grab Suresh by the throat, due to which he will start screaming for help. During this, Anuj and Anupama will be seen trying to reduce Vanraj’s anger. Suresh will shout loudly – ‘Save me.. he will kill me.’ The twist in the story will be seen when at the end of the promo it will be seen that some person is recording all this on the phone and making a video. That means all this was Suresh’s trick.

The scandal has happened

Seeing this promo of Anupama, it is understood that a big scandal has happened and now with the help of this video, Suresh can accuse Vanraj of trying to kill him and get into legal trouble. In such a situation, the case of Samar’s death may become weak, due to which the accused and Suresh’s son Sonu may get relief. Now the big problem is that Toshu and Adhik have also pulled back in Samar’s case.

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