Anupama Oct 04 2023 Latest Written Episode Update: A Heartfelt Family Reunion Turns Into a Tragic Loss

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In a touching moment, Anupama consoles a tearful Samar, who expresses his apprehension about impending fatherhood. He believes that every child brings his own destiny, and he is convinced that his baby is blessed with good fortune. Grateful for the presence of his loving family, Samar acknowledges the immense luck of having a grandmother like Anupama, a grandfather like Vanraj, and a great-grandfather like Hasmukh. He also mentions his sisters, Pari and CA, in the list of his family treasures. Overwhelmed with emotion, Samar expresses his gratitude for Anupama’s unwavering support throughout his life.

Anupama, deeply moved by Samar’s words, playfully asks if he intends to make her cry. Samar, with a heart full of love, assures her that she is his heaven on Earth and vows to pray that he only has her as his mother. Anupama reciprocates the affection by serving him a bowl of kheer. However, amidst their heartfelt exchange, they notice the sudden onset of thunderstorms, signifying an ominous turn in the weather.

Samar, still filled with gratitude, apologizes to Anupama. Perplexed, Anupama inquires about the reason for his apology. Samar gently lets go of her sari pallu, indicating his intention to leave. Anupama fondly reminds him, for the thousandth time, that he should declare his departure and return from the door. She picks up a protective thread, determined to tie it securely around his wrist. Samar assures her that she can handle everything and takes his leave.

As Samar departs, Anupama offers him words of caution, urging him to be careful. She notices the sudden power outage and begins searching for a candle, only to discover that Leela has rearranged things in her absence. Eventually, Anupama finds a candle and lights it, providing some much-needed illumination to the room. Meanwhile, the ladies continue to enjoy their game of antakshari.

Kinjal, concerned about the darkness, inquires if Anupama has found a candle. Anupama confirms that she has and proceeds to light it. Just as the room starts to regain some visibility, Anupama is startled by the unexpected appearance of Anuj. She exclaims in surprise and admits that both Samar and Anuj have managed to frighten her on this eventful evening. Anupama notices several other men standing behind Anuj, their expressions solemn and troubled. She questions their behavior, wondering why they are all standing in silence.

Moments later, the power is restored, and the women notice that all the men present are in tears. They express their confusion and disbelief, assuming that this must be some elaborate prank. Pakhi asserts that the men are surely playing a trick on them, and she advises the women not to fall for their antics.

Anupama, growing increasingly exasperated, confronts Hasmukh about his involvement in this apparent prank. She demands to know where Samar is and instructs the men to stop the charade. She calls out to Samar, urging him to reveal himself and put an end to this ruse.

Anuj, with a heavy heart, discloses the painful truth. He informs Anupama that Samar has left them forever, breaking down as he delivers the devastating news. The women, including Anupama, stand in stunned silence, unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Vanraj’s memory flashes back to the moment when Sonu fired a shot at Anuj, and Samar, in an act of heroic bravery, shielded Anuj by taking the bullet himself. Vanraj’s face contorts with anguish as he recalls Samar falling to the ground. In a desperate plea, Vanraj urges Samar to open his eyes, but Samar’s eyes remain closed.

Dimpy, struggling to process the unfolding tragedy, assumes that Anuj is merely playing another tasteless joke. Anupama, caught between laughter and tears, chastises the men for their insensitive prank. She refuses to believe that Samar is no longer with them and warns them against playing such a cruel joke.

Toshu, with a heavy heart, insists that Samar’s departure is tragically real. Anupama, now realizing the harsh reality, issues a stern warning to the men, vowing that she will not forgive them if this is indeed a tasteless prank.

Precap: Anupama calls Samar. Vanraj says their son is dead. Samar waves her goodbye. She runs behind him and falls down.

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